The Looming Threat of a Global Disaster:  An Urgent Call

The Looming Threat of a Global Disaster: An Urgent Call

I suppose every generation has had voices screaming out that doomsday was upon us.  There have always been wars that have impacted people all over the planet bringing death, destruction and terrible human suffering.  This commentary is about the Looming threat of a global disaster – and the Urgent Call to be Prepared!

I remember growing up during the cold war and hearing regular news reports about the rising potential for World War 3.  Families lived in fear that a global nuclear war would break out and end life on the planet.

In today’s world, it seems there is an even greater fear impacting families.  War is still happening across the globe, but that’s not the only worry.  The looming threat of a coming global disaster is becoming increasingly evident.  Global Pandemics, Famine, Climate disasters, loss of biodiversity, and resource depletion are all contributing to a potential catastrophe that very well could have devastating consequences for humanity. The effects of these issues are far-reaching.

In our own Country, the disagreements and divisions among people is being stoked by politicians and media and ultimately is boiling towards a catastrophic conclusion.  Even Churches and places of worship are being utilized to foment anger and distrust.  The unavoidable reality of this increasing discord is the coming pain and suffering.  Make no mistake – it is coming.  We must prepare.

While I don’t particularly enjoy sharing a doomsday commentary, the fact is, we have known these difficulties were coming long ago.  Scripture has warned us repeatedly that we would face this day – and that we needed to be ready.  The difficulty for many is – denial.  We want to have hope that these are just difficult times like other generations have experienced – and we will be able to navigate through.  While I do know there is hope for salvation – I also believe there is a coming calamity the likes of which humanity has never experienced.  We must prepare.




Global Spread of Infectious Diseases: A Significant Threat

Need Better Preparedness and Response Measures for your Family

The global spread of infectious diseases is a huge concern and will continue to be a significant threat to global stability. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the rapid spread of infectious diseases, causing widespread illness and death, as well as significant economic disruption.  I remember going to the grocery store shortly after local governments put restrictions in place – and finding absolute chaos and fear.  Shelves were emptied of essentials as people rushed to get items they needed for their family.  The supply chain disruption exposed another area that is an obvious concern going forward.  Regardless of the real truths of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact remains … We must prepare.

Changes to Climate: A Threat to Humanity

Unpredictable Weather Patterns and Rising Sea Levels

Regardless of where you land on the subject of climate change, the fact seems to be that there are increasing climate disasters.  We need to accept the fact that these disasters are going to be more numerous and more intense.  We must prepare.

One of the most pressing global threats facing humanity today is climate change. The effects of climate change are being felt around the world, with unpredictable weather patterns, rising sea levels, and threats to food security being just some of the consequences. Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, droughts, and heatwaves are becoming more frequent and severe, leading to loss of life and livelihoods.

There is so much more to share…

The news media has an endless supply of negative broadcasts to grab attention.  While I do not appreciate the barrage of disturbing presentations, the reality is, the potential for global disaster is a very real and urgent issue that requires immediate attention and preparedness. Whether it is natural climate emergencies, economic failures, pandemics, or global war, we must prepare.

The most important step is to heed to words of Scripture.  Join with a Body of believers who know and share the true Messiah.  Prepare your family for the things that are coming.  Getting better prepared will help during times of chaos and uncertainty.