Offered by Jeff Rowland

Understanding that Elijah’s life was marked by miracles, there are certain principles drawn that we can apply to our lives today.

  1. In order to appreciate the flood of the Spirit we must go through many dry times.  We can all agree that there have been some dry times for the church.  However, we need to understand that God can sustain us even when we are alone.  Though a corporate move of God may not be happening where you are, we can enjoy the flood of the Holy Spirit in our own life.   How often has all of us heard the call of the Spirit to come away from among the crowds and simply be alone with Him, that we may be refreshed in the things of God.  During the drought Elijah was kept by the brook Cherith where water was in abundance.  Indeed God can prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies.
  2. To be sustained it takes more than human ability – it takes supernatural intervention.  Nothing in the experience of Elijah could be understood as coming from his own power.  Supernatural intervention comes when all natural sources are exhausted.  It is not a question of IF we will face things we have no answers for, it is WHEN we face things we have no answer for that we are perfectly set up for an intervention on a supernatural and divine level.  Elijah did not know how God would provide, he had to walk by faith facing situation that only God could deal with.
  3. God will operate and provide through people you never thought he would use. Could Elijah have known that a little widow would be used of God to provide for him the food he would need?  The reason we miss so much in our spiritual journey, is because we have so devalued one another that we cannot receive but from certain ones that fits the image of what we think God will use.
  4. God will provide miracles along a dry road to keep you chasing after Him. There is no doubt very few who haven’t experienced a miracle at some time in your life.  In our mind it is normally too late,  but God’s time-table is different than ours.  Walking along a dry road is the perfect time for a miracle.  I believe that God gives us the mercy drops to keep us running after Him.
  5. God will give us Victory over our enemies. Elijah proved this at Mt. Carmel, and the ultimate destruction of Jezebel.  A Jezebel can never win as long as you don’t run.  God has promised and is faithful to deliver and strengthen His people when we face the enemy.  The prophets of baal stood strong, but their strength withered away.  Jezebel stood strong and powerful, but she was destroyed.  God will give us Victory!
  6. we will hear the sound of the abundance of rain. I do believe in a coming move of the Spirit.  There have been different names to try to describe what is ahead for the Church.  There is really only one way to describe it.  The church will experience to the fullest, Christ in us the Hope of Glory.

Through these principles our strength is renewed.  I’ve seen others try to walk in their own power.  I myself have felt the sting of defeat when I begin to walk in my own strength.  The strong can only survive, if they draw their strength from the Lord.