Today, my heart is heavy.  I need to vent a bit.

All around, I am seeing an increasing trend toward “turning away” from God, and Godly Living.   There is little doubt that people are afraid, and are losing hope.  As things get more chaotic and difficult, it seems that individuals are beginning to look more-and-more to government and charities to help – rather than turning to God.

As offerings suffer during a difficult economy, many Churches are beginning to alter their message – apparently to “appeal” to a larger group of people.  Many Pastors are no longer bold in their pulpits for fear of being released from their call.  (Note to those Pastors… Your Call is from God, and you should be operating in obedience to His authority alone!)   The feel-good gospel shared in many “super churches” is distorting true humble and obedient Faith in God, and replacing it with hollow faith in a persons self-righteous pride.  Be warned, that faith is temporal and will not sustain.

For 25 years, it was my joy and blessing to serve with the YMCA.  When I started, the Mission of the National office was impressive to me:  “Putting Christian Principles into practice through programs that build a healthy, body, mind and spirit for all”.  Over the years, the YMCA national leadership has slowly turned away from the Christian Principles the organization was founded on.  The mission statement today is nothing more than a hollow, watered-down, feel-good, message to help a community.  Certainly, service is good – but the Judeo/Christian Principles that birthed the YMCA seem to have been forgotten.  The justification is… there is a need to appeal to a larger, more diverse, population.  I take issue, and say that the message of Scripture is available to EVERY person – regardless of their diverse background.  The Word is stable, and continues to be current and up-to-date.  God has NOT changed – we just don’t recognize Him the same, because we have turned away from Him.

When people begin losing faith or become afraid of the difficulties they face, there is a natural draw to connect with others.  If our Churches and leaders are now only offering a message of intellectual assent or perhaps “good works”, people will remain discouraged and void of hope.  People need true Faith in Yeshua – and through that Faith they will unconditionally serve  a community and others.

The message of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) gives hope to the hopeless, Healing to the broken, Grace to the sinner.  It seems many people who once believed that, are now struggling under the weight of difficulties, economic crisis, and chaos.  We knew this time was coming, and will get more intense.  It it vital that we continue to prepare!

As difficulties get more intense, it becomes increasingly vital that Kingdom Believers hold firm to their Faith, and encourage those who are in despair.  The time is coming when masses will fall away, and those who remain anchored in Faith will be a minority.  The feel-good gospel shared in super churches, will not weather the coming storm.

True Believers, prepare now for the harvest is great.  Anchor yourself in the Word, and stand firm.  Refuse to justify sin.  Remain in Faith, and do not turn away.