It happens all the time – especially now that there are obvious difficulties taking place.

Almost daily I receive a call from people who want to talk with me about preparation.  They know that I’ve been talking (for 20+ years) about the need to prepare, so I guess it’s natural that they call me.  Problem is, I have a much different view of what Preparation really is, and most of the time my view is NOT the way others view it.

You see, during a time of crisis people come out of the woodwork talking about the need for preparation.  Because of our recent economical problems in the US, preparation discussion is now a mainstream conversation.  It’s almost comical to hear of people emerging every day who claim that they “knew a difficult day was coming” and knew that we were all supposed to be preparing.  They read all the gloom articles and conspiracy theories they can, and then spread their fear language to anyone who will join in their fear.

If you were around during the Y2K crisis, the same people were “preparing” then.  After the crisis, well, they went back to operating as if nothing was wrong.

I’m of the opinion, that many people who claim they have known we are supposed to be preparing for “something” – are in fact, nothing more than news readers and fear mongers.   They read new releases on world events, and suddenly they spring into action getting ready.  If you have ever lived through a hurricane in Florida – that’s what I picture with the people who are now “self-professed preparation experts”.

Now, I don’t claim any expertise in being prepared for some cataclysmic event that will turn the world upside down.  My belief is that one day, we will see difficulties that will cause people to panic.  Scripture makes it plain that there is such a day coming – when hearts will fail, due to fear.  I also believe, we’re very close to that day.

Yesterday, the French Prime Minister (Francois Fillon) said “the world stood on the edge of the abyss.”  When world leaders share views of concerning events, certainly people begin to have fear.

So what does it all mean?

Well, my view is… quit talking about preparation like it’s a camping trip, or a hurricane party.  Every day, I talk with people who are already frantic about how to prepare.  They are in panic mode, and are simply going through the motions of “preparation” by getting a bunch of supplies in storage.

That’s all great, but… I really wonder how many of these people will actually be able to live any type of normal life when things seem so devastated.   I mean, do people actually think they will simply sit around an eat their beans all day – and kinda “wait out” the storm?

I’ve seen families who can’t even sit together for more than 30 minutes at a time.  I guess if things get really rough, they will be able to suddenly shift and have the “gift of tolerance and conversation”.  I just don’t think so.

So… preparation is NOT about simply collecting lots of food and supplies, and then running to the hills when things get rough.  It’s not about hiding and hoarding and sitting by a fire singing kumbayah.  I’m afraid that’s the view many people have of preparation.  The spend time collecting supplies, but have yet to figure out the real difficulty will be surviving in peace and joy – while surrounded by the difficulties of existance in a world in chaos.