Okay, so we know we need to prepare. I still have people asking me… “prepare for what?”. Years ago, I felt that God issued a “Preparation Call”. Now, there are more-and-more people are hearing that call, and are now taking action.

Every day, I see bizarre things that confirm to me there is a major need to be prepared.  I just believe there are major changes.  Things are not right in our world – and I am convinced we are heading toward some major upheavals.

Do you ever wonder what our Governments know, and are keeping from us? My trust is in the Lord, not in this earthly government.  I believe a government will deceive citizens if it suits their agenda.

Interesting news today… The US Government is now beginning to prepare us for a catastrophic event.  It makes me wonder exactly what the Government may know.  Why is it important to understand how to deal with an earthquake now?  Seems to me this is a bit strange.

Read the article  Government Preparing for Earthquake.

So, what does it mean?

It means, prepare.  Prepare by drawing close to the God who loves you just as you are – without conditions.  Prepare by loving your family and helping them to prepare.  Draw near to those you love, and especially draw near to the One who brings Peace and Joy and Life.