Learning how to be more self-sustaining is an obvious desire for many people who are involved in preparation. Food and water storage along with other supplies are typically the first area people consider, as they begin to prepare for difficulties ahead.

One area that many people often neglect to consider is health care. There is often an assumption that there will be adequate and immediate care during a crisis.

While it may be correct, it would be prudent to consider natural home remedies as part of our health care and ongoing wellness. Over the coming weeks I will begin sharing some home remedy examples of areas that might be helpful in your planning and preparation.

Asthma Help

Children and adults all over the world are now suffering from attacks of asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition that includes shrinking of the breathing passages, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Mucus accumulates in the airways making breathing difficult. The attacks are so severe that sometimes a trip to the emergency room is called for.
Excess mucus and the shrinking of the airways and inflammation make breathing difficult.

It is important to control asthma and prevent attacks if possible. Avoiding triggers for asthma attacks is the best prevention. There are other ways of preventing attacks and a few can be found in your home.

First, try sitting in a cool place and practice deep breathing. Try to relax; it will release tension in your body and in your air passages. Drink one cup of hot coffee or tea without milk. Milk can cause excess mucus. Or drink a hot cup of water. The liquids should be as hot as you can stand without burning your throat. While you are boiling water, hold a towel over your head and lean over the boiling pot. Turn on the shower on hot and wait until the steam starts rolling. Stick your head inside the shower so you can breathe the steam.

You may also try a few ingredients that may be available in your kitchen. Boil one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey, and a half-cup of milk. Add some garlic and drink the mixture every morning. You may try drinking two tablespoons of lemon with one tablespoon of water each morning and evening.

How about this for your system? Drink fresh cabbage juice everyday, or blend honey and lemon juice in a blender with a radish. After mixing it for 20 minutes, cook it over a low heat. Take one teaspoon of this mixture every morning when you wake.

I will share more home cure methods that will include ingredients that may be found in a natural food store. Until then…

Best health