I have several subscriptions that I read daily from all over the world.  I specifically enjoy ready the reports from people who I believe have keen Scriptural understanding and insight – especially as it relates to current events.   It is important that we look carefully at what Scripture is telling us about the times we are living.

Yesterday, I received a special report that I believe is important for people to hear.  It is encouraging to me, and I want to share it with you.  I also encourage you to subscribe to his report at:  thegoldenreport . com

Here’s the special message:

The time frame as it has been revealed to me.

All the so-called Prophets are saying “Gloom & Doom” it’s all over there is no future.  To some that may be so, but for this Believer in Yeshua it is just an opportunity to serve others while serving God.  What I feel is happening is God is giving us one more chance to come to Him with an open heart and soul confessing our sins and casting them with our greed into the pits of hell.

God is bringing judgment on the US , Israel and the rest of the world.  As for the US God is first taking away their god of greed for money, in hopes that they might come to Him in true repentance before His final judgment on that nation takes place.  God’s Word makes it very clear to me that He will use nuclear power of Russia to bring the final Judgment and those plans are already in effect.  As Russian are moving war-ships along the Syrian coast just north of Israel ready for an all out strike.  But before that strike takes plane the US must be taken out of the equation.

God is not the only one with a plan, the Devil has his as well, he wants evil to dominate the world in hopes of prolonging his time on planet earth claiming more souls.  What may be very difficult for many Believers to understand is God will use the Devil to bring judgment on the US as well as Israel , but unlike Israel God will not save the US .  For at the last moment God will intervene in defense of His people the Jews and the Land He calls His own.

The Believers have been deceived mostly by Denominational Churches teaching heresy and Doctrines contrary to the Word of God, they have made the Bible something they can live with and not something to live by.

Once again I will say that God is giving those who hear His Holy Spirit (Rauch Ha Kodesh) another short time to get right with Him for He would have it that you not perish.  With God there can only be one God He is a jealous God, if money is your God you have a short time to realize the evil of that love and confess your sin under the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).  Today if you will look around the world you will see that economies are falling like dominos, economists are struggling to figure out what is the cause.  The one factor they will not consider is they have fallen away from God, and now live in a nation that spreads filth around the world by music, movies, pornography, but there is another reason for this judgment and one many will not accept.  George Bush has come against Jerusalem and the Jewish people in his quest to establish a terrorist “Palestinian” state.  God has clearly said He would destroy any nation that comes against Jerusalem .  God has clearly said He would curse any nation that curses Israel .

We could go on and on but I think you have the point by now, and you can call this a fear tactic on whatever you like, but God is giving us a chance and a short reprieve to get it right.  Your money will stand for a short period but suddenly fall and all hell will break loose with no commerce, no trucks carrying food to your supermarket, and to add to that chaos Russia will deliver the final death blow to the US, and then attack Israel.

You have a short period of time to protect your family the best you know how and depend on God to do the rest.  I want to believe that this Ministry has the time to purchase a larger boat to save more Jewish lives, for what most don’t understand this war in Israel will be short lived, for God will intervene and Jews world wide will be running for their lives as once again all the ills of the world will be placed on our backs, but this time God is showing us in advance so we have no excuse not to do all we can to save as many Jews as possible.

Many have been called to preach the Gospel unto the lost, and I thank God daily for them, I was in evangelism for many years, and still have the heart of an Evangelist.  But God has called others to ministry not fully understood by many.  I think you know what God has called this Ministry to accomplish and if we fail it will be our failure not God’s, He will simply raise up another.  The church is not just sleeping but much of it has died years ago.  It has taken in pagan doctrine and practices; it has turned its back on God and went a way that seems right unto a man.  There is an elect that has not turned their back on God and seek His righteousness and they will be blessed by God.  There is still time for those who have been mislead to come to God but that time is quickly running out, for the world is going to change quickly all in one day and that day is not far away.

The God News is Yeshua (Jesus) waits for you if you will come as a child, knowing that He is GOD not your buddy boy or some one you can speak to with little to no real respect.  For when God comes face to face with us on judgment we will all know what real fear is.  You will understand that the only righteousness you could ever have is not yours but that of the Messiah’s.  God knows your struggles and your heart and it is the intent of your heart He is looking at, He knows what kind of person you are and your most secret thoughts, we must all be transformed by the renewing of our minds lead by the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  Not one of us can make it by our own works, but that is not to say God is not looking at your works or the lack of them.

This is a very hard report and one that I know will be rejected by many, but I felt lead to write it for those who have an ear to hear will be quicken in their spirit to the truth revealed.

Jerry Golden