There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. Everywhere you go, people seem discouraged and quite concerned about events that are taking place. If you listen to the news media (which I do not encourage), you know that there is a massive blitz taking place to put fear into the hearts of men.

Years ago, I felt the “Call to Preparation”‘. It was laid on my heart that we would experience difficult times, where panic would grip people, and fear would converge on nations.

In the midst of a storm, the human tendency is to look at the waves crashing against our vessel or at the dark clouds that keep us from seeing the sunshine. Our “flesh” is weakened by the fear for our safety and comfort.

The answer is always to look to the One who calms the storms – He who sits on the throne and offers us peace, joy, security, and direction.

The events and fears we are experiencing was placed in my heart over 8 years ago. Even as I have been preparing for years- my flesh still battles the difficulties, and I sense the burdens of others who are beginning to fall into despair.

My encouragement is to look away from the media and to trust in the One who walked on the water, the One who raised Lazarus from death, and the One who is returning for His bride.

Our God is Faithful!

Be encouraged as our Faith is not in the warped message of CNN. The media can/does manipulate world events by the seed they plant into the hearts of people. Now, for purposes yet exposed – the seed of fear is being planted and watered all over the world.

The emerging “global system” is being formed right before our eyes, and will be formed as a necessity to solve the current crisis. I’ll share more in the coming weeks, but strongly believe that NOW is the time Believers should be in strong prayer and preparation. NOT living in fear, but preparing for the great harvest that is ahead.

I strongly encourage believers not to enter into debt during this time. That goes against the very message we are being told by the media and government – as it is the base of our economic system. It is also part of the flesh desire for more “things” that has led to much of this crisis.

For my family, I have felt led to develop a “3-Year Plan”. I believe we have a “window” of three years before things get really interesting.