prepare for an apocalypseAs we continue with the assignment of sharing the need for preparation, it seems we are now joined by the US Government in proclaiming the need to prepare for the Last Days Apocalypse.

In fact, in a recent and popular post on the Center for Disease Control site there was a somewhat disturbing article entitled “Preparedness -101:  Zombie Apocalypse“.

Do you think the US Government knows something they are not fully disclosing to a sheepish public?  Well of course they do.

I am quite sure the title of this recent article was carefully chosen to create attention and interest from a generation that seems to be strangely fascinated with the horror element and the spread of death through viral interactions.  I certainly understand the desire for the Center for Disease Control to market their message of preparedness and certainly recognize the need to alert people of the need to prepare for difficult events.

However… as I read the article on the CDC website it does not really impact me as simply an attention-grabbing horror show fantasy.  The fact is, the Bible has already disclosed the events that will unfold and has given us warning that we should be prepared for such events.  Why are we now so surprised that even secular Governments are beginning to recognize the times that we live?

In the Book of Revelation we read:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.  Rev. 6:8

I believe it is quite ironic that the US Government CDC website used a viral death plague as an apocalyptic description.  The CDC urges us to get prepared because such a scenario is not out of the question.  The fact is, the Bible has already given us this warning.

Governments regularly shout the message to their people to get prepared for earthquakes, famines, flood, disease, unusual weather events, and terrorism.  We regularly hear of wars and rumors of wars, and even receive warning of impending disasters in the heavens (increasing solar flares, meteors, comets, etc).

Are these messages that are being shared by the Governments of the world helpful or is there a hidden motive behind the increasing alerts?  I think the answer is probably – both.

Now, my assignment and call is not to spread conspiracy theories.  In fact, I think most conspiracies survive and thrive based on creating fear and discord.  That is not the foundation of the preparation message I believe the Messiah would have us share.

But… I do have some thoughts that I will be sharing in the days and weeks ahead on this “new movement of Government preparedness” efforts.  While I do not wish to spread fear, I do believe it is prudent that we are discerning of tactics that may be deployed.

So, what do we do for this viral apocalypse?  Do we react in fear and stop living and planning for the future?

Absolutely not!  More than ever, today we need to prepare for our future.

Contrary to the message that many preppers are spreading, preparation should not simply be a reaction to fear.  It should not be a task list for those who feel they must have ultra-control in order to feel secure.   Certainly, we must get provisions in place and plans in order, but preparation is far more than simply putting a strategic plan together.

In addition to planning and provisions, we should prepare by strengthening our earthly relationships, and especially drawing closer to the Eternal God.

Bottom line… prepare to meet thy God.