Yesterday, a member of my family called me an “Alarmist”.  I really was not aware that I am an alarmist, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me.  In fact, I didn’t even know what an alarmist was- or what the role consisted of.  So, being the good alarmist that I am… I looked it up.

Here’s what the dictionary definition of an alarmist is:

“a person who tends to raise alarms, esp. without sufficient reason, as by exaggerating dangers or prophesying calamities.”

Perhaps my family member knows something about me that I don’t know.   Or, maybe it’s possible that my actions and communications have been misinterpreted by those who disagree with my insights.  To my knowledge, I haven’t exaggerated the dangers that we face – nor have I prophesied destruction.  In fact, by definition the alarmist will raise concerns without sufficient reason.  If you have done any research into what is happening on a global scale – there is certainly sufficient reason to be prudent in preparation.

I am not screaming in the streets that we are all doomed, but I do believe we are facing some serious challenges ahead.  My call is not to warn people that the end is near, rather to encourage people to prepare for the difficulties that may lie ahead.  The Bible is very clear that the King is soon coming – and we need to prepare for His arrival.  There will be some difficult events as we get closer to His arrival.  If a call to prepare for that is an alarm, well, so be it.

The reference that I was an alarmist came because I referred to the fact my family had just received a shipment of supplies – much of it for our pantry.  Here’s a picture of some of our shipments…

Pantry Supplies

The “alarmist” comment speaks more about where we are as a society, and really, the very lack of family discipline that has led us as a society to some of the difficult issues we are facing.  We’ve become a spoiled people, who expect immediate gratification and constant entertainment.  We have learned that we can squander our resources, and borrow to replace what we’ve depleted.

It is folly to assume that we can continue to live without ultimately paying the debt for our greed and obsessive lifestyle.  Make no mistake about it we will reap what we sow.  That’s not an alarm, that’s a fact!