Okay, here it goes – I’m certain I’ll be labeled (again) as some crazy conspiracy theorist, or perhaps a gloom and doom preacher. Feel free to label me whatever you feel is appropriate. I’ve been called lots of things before :).

First of all, let me state that I do believe we are heading toward a collapse. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I would say that and be completely alone in my statement. Today, however, there are many people who now seem to agree with me.

This is not intended to be “gloom and doom” but a reminder that we must be preparing. I can not fathom how anyone can go through a day without the Faith in knowing the coming Messiah.

So why do I think there will be a collapse? Well, everything I’m seeing tells me so. You see, for a long time America has been the greatest financial powerhouse on the planet. Today, not so much. We are about to lose our lunch. Those who have held to a faith in the government structure will soon be very disappointed.

At this very moment the government wrestles with this issue of raising our debt ceiling. Basically, we have to borrow more money to keep us floating. At some point (which I believe is now), you simply can not continue borrowing above your ability to repay.

I certainly pray for our leaders and appreciate their hard work on this matter. It’s a very, very, difficult decision and one that will create major issues regardless of which way it goes. I recognize the difficulty. You see, I contend that regardless of the vote – we are heading for a collapse. Heed the call to prepare!

The US government likes to borrow money rather than make the tough choices of which programs to cut. We have become a Country of Entitlements and have continually fed the animal until it is very difficult to wean. The more we feed it, the closer we come to our own demise.

Most people have lived in the “plenty” of America, and do not fully understand what all the fuss is about. They simply go about their lives and assume they will be okay because they have a little bit of money in savings, and have been on their job for 10 years. They assume they are protected from any difficulty, because they have the “security” of cash in the bank – or a job they have tenure with.

Or… perhaps they receive a retirement income and Social Security. Those programs are secure right? I mean, the government has always paid those out – right?

Certainly, I want to believe things will improve. But… here’s an issue that I’m concerned about. The dollar continues to decline in world markets. Regardless of personal savings, jobs, retirement, or whether you have a can in the back yard filled with cash, there are issues ahead.

You see… the Federal Government has the power to print more money whenever they feel it is needed – and lately, the printing presses have been running wild. The problem with printing more money is… the continual devaluation of the dollar.

Currently, the dollar has been in serious decline – and could likely collapse as the dominate currency. When that happens, the buying power of the dollar crashes. Savings accounts, Retirement accounts, entitlements, will all lose value in the ability to purchase. So, what once cost a dollar to purchase may now cost three. Can you imagine the despair that will occur when a loaf of bread costs $5? Make no mistake, it can (and likely will) happen.

I encourage you to get prepared. Turn your eyes to the One who can calm the storm, and bring peace to your heart. Surrender to Him, and prepare to meet thy God.