Prepare by RestingAs God pours out in these Last Days, it becomes incredibly important that we draw closer to Him.  We need to listen carefully to what He is saying to us during this hour, and certainly immediately act upon His words.  He is now shouting from the Heavens.

I firmly believe we are entering a time of increasing intensity.  Events all over the world will seem magnified to a much higher degree and masses of people will be fearful and confused.  They will seek answers and many will be led astray by the “experts” who will attempt to explain the events as a physical phenomenon.

Even personal emotions will become increasingly intense.  As the foundations of the earth are shaken, so too will the foundations of our person be shaken.  We are being prepared.  I believe that which is at our core – fears, anger, frustrations-  will begin to see increasing intensity.  We will even see intensity in our relationships.

There is going to be turbulence in the world, and there is going to be increasing turbulence within the hearts of people.  The preparation process is more than gaining a simple understanding,  or perhaps following a task list.  For me, the Preparation Call is less about stocking supplies, and more about surrendering to the reality that God is our refuge and strength.

As we are faced with the difficulties, it is vital that we turn to the One who loves us in a way that goes beyond definition.  His love is deeper than our knowledge of personal comforts or intense pleasures.  His love goes beyond the temporal issues we see in time and extends into eternity.

When turmoil comes, it is important to find a restful place that is quiet and peaceful, but more than that, a place where you can experience the presence of God.  He wants a relationship with us, and wants us to rest in Him.

This is my resting place forever.” (Psalms 132:14)

According to Psalm 132:14, God has established resting places, literal places that are His resting places.  God is calling each of us to find a quiet place, a resting place where we can get alone to spend time with Him.   As you prepare, make sure to find a time to Rest in Him.

In the story of Noah, when the world was destroyed by the flood, the first thing Noah did was send a dove out to find a place to rest.

“Then he (Noah) sent forth a dove to see if the waters had decreased from the surface of the ground. But the dove found no resting place on which to roost, and she returned to him to the ark, for the waters were yet on the face of the whole land. So he put forth his hand and drew her to him into the ark” (Genesis 8:8-9).

Noah represents God, and the Ark represents the safety of the presence of God. Only when you enter into His presence will you find that place of peace and rest.

Trust Him to lead you to His resting place.