Many people have been anticipating a disastrous time that would bring difficulties to our very existence.  They believe that their very survival will depend on the ability to overcome and adapt to certain tragic events.

In my own life journey, there have been many people I have encountered who have predicted our “impending doom”.  It seems to me that there will always be people out there who spread fear, gloom, and despair about a coming event that will alter the course of our lives.   Everyone remembers Y2k and the giant “gotcha” feeling that came when nothing happened.  I’ve come to realize, many of the people who were screaming about the coming disaster of Y2K, are now spreading fear about some looming event in the future.

The problem for me is… we are creating some of the disaster with the message of fear and destruction, rather than giving people hope.

On Y2K, my alarm clock went off, my computer turned on, and the power grid did not fail.  I was ready (and almost anticipating) a difficult period of time.  It was almost a disappointment that I had spent time worrying about what might happen.

You see, the fact that so many people are anticipating some major catastrophe, is what really concerns me.  I meet so many people who have given up “hope” because they just don’t see the point anymore.  They live their lives wondering – “why hope, when there is a disaster coming?”.  That’s a terrible existence, and certainly not the way I want to live my life.

I imagine the early settlers of America really didn’t sit around and worry about a cataclysmic event that would suddenly end their lives.  If they did, why would they have ventured from their homeland in the first place?  Why not sit at home and wait on destruction from there?

Well, I guess they had hope of a better life and were willing to endure hardships in pursuit of that life.  I’m thankful that they did – as it paved the way for where we are today in the US.

The point for me is, there may be difficulties coming.  In fact, my belief is there are definitely difficult times ahead.   My “call” is NOT to sit around and wait on the collapse of our existence, rather, to prepare so that when that day arrives – I can share hope with those who are in fear and distress.

For a long time, I have felt that the Lord was bringing me to a place of preparation.  I was never quite sure what that meant, but certainly did not go around telling everyone that the “sky was falling”.  On the contrary, I have tried to raise my children to have HOPE in the things that were ahead – and to live each day with passion and joy.  My eternity is secure, and my Joy is in Christ (Yeshua).

So what is all this talk of preparation?

For me, it is getting myself and my family prepared for the great opportunity that awaits us – and especially the joy of a great harvest that will come.

Make no mistake, there are major challenges ahead.  Those who have been slumbering, and wasteful, will  awaken to find an empty cubbard.  They will certainly be afraid when they realize they are hungry, and have foolishly wasted their time acquiring pleasures – rather than preparing.

God is our refuge and strength.  He is calling us to prepare – not live in Fear, but walk in Faith.  The first step of Faith, is to accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as the messiah.