People are now talking freely about “preparation”. Many do not know what they are preparing for, but many now feel a “leading” to prepare. It really doesn’t take much to see that “something” is about to happen, and those who are called – need to be ready and especially prepared to share and assist others.

I speak with people daily who are beginning to prepare. They are storing up food, water, and other provisions, and are establishing plans to help them cope during times of difficulties.

Now, I’m extremely pleased to see people beginning to prepare. There is a preparation urgency, so I believe it is important – on many levels.

But, also…

I believe it is essential that we prepare in our relationships. We must pray that Yah will bring our families to a place of preparation. Those who are emotionally fragile, will have a very difficult time during a crisis period. Those who have an “intellectual faith” will struggle in understanding why Yah is allowing such pain and suffering to happen. We need to be continually seeking the Father, and resting in the knowledge that He alone is in control.

I believe our preparations and storage are tasks that we all should undertake, however, we should not look on our provisions as our security. Our security is in He Who has called us to this moment, that we might share with those who will be afraid and hurting.

Our preparation in learning how to store food is just a task. If we are gripped by that which causes fear, and tremble with the chaos around us – we serve little purpose in sharing the hope of He who as given us His grace. If we are to share peace, we must have peace. The drama of chaos must be insignificant – as there will be many who will shudder during the storm. Those who are called to prepare will have the great blessing of offering comfort to those who are afraid – because we know the One who calms the storm.

I believe there is a time of great chaos coming to this land. Whatever the events that will create uncertainty, are only temporal. I also believe we face a constitutional crisis that will cause great troubles and struggle. It will be time like no other.

There is an urgency to prepare now. Pray without ceasing. Prepare your hearts and minds. Prepare your relationships. Be ready for that which you cannot plan or control.