Unless you have lived on a different planet over the last couple of weeks, you know things seem to be in turmoil.  It seems that every person you talk with, are quite concerned with what is going on.

Leaders all over the world are making statements to try to calm their people, as they recognize the panic that threatens to spiral out of control.  Leading financial “experts” from leading economies are apparently working behind the scenes to coordinate a global financial rescue effort in an attempt to keep the financial markets from complete meltdown.

This week, the President of Franc – Nicolas Sarkozy – made the statement that he hoped a “New World” would emerge from this chaos.

Scotland’s leading Newspaper published an Article on this “New World Order” citing the new Global co-operation, Nationalization and State intervention – were changing our world.

Even Opec has called an emergency meeting to try to deal with the plunge of oil prices which is putting oil producing economies in turmoil.  With the world economy on the brink of a global depression, the need for oil products has diminished significantly.

So what does this all mean?

Besides the fact there is an urgency for people to continue preparation, I believe we are on the brink of a global panic the likes of which have never been seen.  It would be too obvious to point out that we are extremely close to ushering in a one-world financial system.   I believe this crisis is helping to lay the foundation for that system.

Beyond that, and more immediate…. I believe we are on the brink of seeing a major war again in Israel.  I am concerned that the enemies of Israel will take advantage of the difficulties we are facing (oil prices plunging, global economies in global meltdown, a Presidential election in the US) to attempt to cause great harm to the Jewish people.

Russia, has strategically positioned itself to play a role in this new conflict.  In addition to being a major supporter of Syria and Iran, they now have a major nuclear naval presence in the region and a new aggressive agenda.  Could their presence be part of a strategy of deterrence – to keep the US from intervening in a future conflict?

Now, more than ever, we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  We also need to pray that the US will stand firm with Israel, no matter what distractions we are facing at home.  We must elect leaders who will not comprimise, or offer to sit down to negotiate with the enemies of Israel.

The table is being prepared, and the King is soon coming.  Be sure to be prepared for His arrival.