Shared by Jeff Rowland

Think about the emotional stability that would be lost be facing economic collapse.  Think about our emotional stability during all-out war.  Can we even imagine the emotional structure of a nation or of any people during famine or a breakout of disease?

Preparing the necessities for life is only part of true preparation. You can have everything you need for survival but if we haven’t prepared our heart then we will radically be changed in our personality and begin to respond to adversity in ways we had not previously known was in us. One of the things I have learned concerning walking out my own salvation through Jesus Christ is that I was not only introduced to Him as my Redeemer and Lord, but He started me on a journey to introduce me to me. The more I know about me the less impressed I am. I’ve learned my vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and what I see lets me know that I need Jesus more today than ever.

The scriptures teach us a truth concerning the way we function as people. We do the things we do because we think the way we think, and we think the way we think because we feel the way we feel. The only way to change what we do is to change the way we think, and the only way to change the way we think is to change the way we feel. Now add the adversity that is sure to come in our lives and we have fed our emotions chaos and confusion which in turn will affect our thought life and will change our behavior.

The only way we can make good decisions is to stabilize our emotions to feel in agreement with truth so that we can think thoughts of truth therefore actions of truth will come forth. Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” It is simply amazing the power that statement has to those who possess it.

What our Lord is saying is that we are fragmented and torn apart by the process of life. This fragmentation has caused the loss of rest and peace. If the challenges we are facing could be described as anything they would be characterized by the loss of peace and rest in our soul. Jesus says, if we will come to him. That is we place our faith in Him and develop relationship with him, then he will take the pieces of our self and put us at one with or in unity with our self.

The truth of this verse is that in Christ Jesus alone can we find true emotional stability in order to cause us to think right, feel right, and act right. This preparation could be the most important step anyone could ever make. What if I could introduce you to one who could rain bread down from the sky to feed you and bring water out of a rock for your thirst? Would you be interested in getting to know Him? What if I could introduce you to someone who could give you water that you would never thirst again? What about someone who could stop the wind from blowing and calm the sea?

I got to tell you that is where real peace begins. He is such a one that has all the power of heaven and earth. Get prepared today by allowing Him to set you at one with yourself and bring the stability to your own emotions that is needed for your heart to be ready for the days ahead.