preparation journeyRight now, people all over the world are beginning to sense the need for preparation.  I’ve talked to many who do not know exactly “why” they are needing to prepare, but they just believe something is coming – and they need to get ready.

When I first heard a call to prepare, it was hardly commonplace to hear anyone speak of preparing.  In fact, if you talked too extensively about preparation you were considered an “alarmist”.  You may have even been shunned and outcast as some type of radical conspirator.

Today, preparation is a fast-growing discussion.  So much so that a lot of people now consider it a fast-growing “movement”.  Preparing has also become a vibrant marketing niche!

While I am certainly delighted to see more and more of the population sensing a “Preparation Call” and taking action, I do have some personal concerns with what I’m seeing in this new fast-growing “movement”.  Now, I will admit that I do see the Preparation process as much more of a Godly calling than most people do.  I personally can not separate the spiritual realities from the day-to-day preparation actions.  In fact, in my journey the day-to-day and month-to-month actions are a direct result of what I believe God is assigning for us to do.

So with that, please understand that my views are completely intertwined with what I believe is the ultimate Spiritual reality.  While we are in preparations for whatever difficulties that may be ahead, the more important aspect of preparation is the soon return of the Messiah.

My concerns now involves the trend that I see emerging.  The “Preppers Movement” is now becoming quite a growing marketing niche.  Businesses and entrepreneurs will attempt to dictate the direction of the niche, by clever sales and marketing tactics that are designed to induce spending and profits.  While I am not at all opposed to Free Enterprise, I do take issue with the cheap imitation of purpose that often emerges as a result of financial greed.

So, my warning is:  Preppers Beware!   Preparation is not supposed to be a carefully designed marketing trend to increase profits.  Be careful as you engage in the process of preparation.  Understand the purpose behind your actions, and do not be driven by a crafty sales-pitch designed to entice your action to purchase.   There are no short-cuts in preparing, and you simply can’t make a quick purchase and be done.   Preparation is a process.  A journey that takes us through the winding path of personal change.  It may be a difficult path, so buckle-up, pray without ceasing, and be prepared for where God will lead you.