There is no greater entertainment on the planet, than sitting in an airport.  I travel quite a bit, so I actually get entertained quite frequently.  I love watching people rushing about trying to get to their destinations.  It never fails that there is always drama with people missing flights or haveing their flight delayed. 

I watch the different ways people handle the stress, and how they interact with people around them – or with the flight crew.  I can’t help but form an opinion on what must be happening in their lives by how they handle the difficulty.  I’ve actually seen several instances where police have been called to intervene with the unruly and frustrated individual. 

As I look at faces I encounter at the airport, I’m reminded of the tremendous hurt that seems to be spreading across the world.  The difficulties of a global economy that seems to be in ruin, terrorism, wars and rumors of wars, and of course, natural disasters all over the world.  Many of the faces I see are people without hope and are afraid of an uncertain future.

The Bible teaches that the difficulties we see today will increase as the time of our Kings return grows closer.  As John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, many are now called to be in preparation for His soon return.  Everywhere I go I seem to have divine appointements with people who have felt a “Preparation Call”.  Many aren’t quite sure what they are to do, but they want to connect with others who are in preparation. 

In my experience, the greatest need for preparation involves the family.  As I always see people rushing about and watch their interaction with their family members – I’m so reminded of the need to draw closer to family.  Many families do not even communicate, as they are too busy texting or talking on cell phones.  How can we prepare for difficulties ahead, if we don’t prepare our families by building a stronger relationship?

Don’t know what to do to start preparing?  Begin by strengthen your relationship with your spouse and children.