As I’ve shared about the Preparation Call God has given me, I struggled with “why” things are so difficult.  It seems that God’s preparation for leadership involves times of long waiting, painful experiences, rejection from people we love, and even isolation.

I often consider Moses, as he was raised as royalty and had everything he could ever want or need.   Obviously, he was pretty comfortable in his lifestyle – and I can imagine that he was pretty stable with the way things were going.  God had other plans.

To become the leader God wanted, Moses had to be prepared.  He had to deal with some pretty difficult changes, and I feel certain he had to understand the concept of Faith beyond wealth and prosperity.  If he were going to be able to free a nation, he would need a heart change.

Moses was forced to flee into the desert – completely removed from his comfort zone.  He would now have to deal with some very difficult years of preparation.

Moses went from having incredible wealth, to complete and utter devastation.  He went from being a prince with all the accolades that went with living in the house of Pharaoh, to being a vagrant in the desert without anyone around.  Everything he knew was now destroyed.  He was alone, tired, and empty.  Now, he had to learn to adjust to his circumstances – and endure an extended time of waiting.

I can only imagine the pain of the waiting, and the impatience he must have felt.  I assume he felt he would live out is days in the land of Midian.

We all know the story how God appeared to Moses in a burning bush.  It was 40 years from the day he arrived, and now God was able to use Moses to accomplish the assignment.  The years of difficulty and discomfort had prepared the vessel to accomplish the work.

I’ve learned that preparation is difficult, but it is vital to season the vessel.  It is critical to build character and Faith, and for understanding and wisdom.  Do not try to shortcut the desert time of God.  Trying to escape the desert will only prolong the journey.  Learn what is expected, and be thankful for the Preparation Call that God has given.  He has an amazing assignment ahead for those who endure.