As a whole grain, dark hard winter or spring wheats store very well.  Dried wheat pastas and pre-ground wheat flours can also be purchased, but individuals purchasing these items from a supermarket should be aware their shelf life will not be near as long as that of properly stored and prepared whole wheat grains.

Obviously, whole wheat products are easily acquired both in supermarkets and through preparation specialty websites and whole grain stores.  The biggest difference you will find is that items sold in most supermarkets have typically been processed and are stored in such a way that they have a much shorter shelf life.  Also, purchasing wheat pasta means your storage will only allow for eating wheat pasta.  Buying wheat whole grains means preppers with grain mills can make just about anything they would like out of the whole wheat grains they have stored.  A plethora of breads, pancakes and even wheat gluten meat substitutes can be fashioned from simple buckets of whole grain wheat.

Many highly-intense preppers recommend storing enough supplies (including wheat) to last your family a year.  Less hardcore individuals suggest two weeks is enough.  In the event of a serious disaster where infrastructure is compromised and food is not easily acquired, a supply of food that is enough to last a few months is probably a good goal. Whole wheat grains, when properly stored, can last for well over a year.  An excellent grain storage bucket we recommend can be found at

We all are aware that we live in very difficult times.  There is no longer a question about the need to be prepared.  Like many people, perhaps you have decided that long-term food storage is a necessary, and you are now working to get prepared in the case of a world or national crisis.

A great place to begin your food storage is with storing whole wheat and grains.  Whole Wheat and Grains can be easily stored for long periods of time, and will offer a variety of food options during a time of crisis.  You will need preparation food, so it makes good sense to start with grains.