It’s a great time to be a called servant of the King Most High.  I am actually thankful for the election of Obama as President of the USA.  Yep, I said it.

Certainly, and obviously, the other candidate was my choice – but, the day is now here that the Called of Christ have to make a stand.  We’ve hidden in our “churches” with smiles and nice programs for our youth, and preached against those who kill babies, and those who wed in same-sex marraiges.  Our rally cry has been a battle against the sinful, while we walk in our pride and display our piety by erecting elaborate buildings – and huddle in comfort with fellow “believers” often ignoring the opportunity to share the love of Christ.

When Jesus and His disciples walked on the earth, the State was powerful and feared.  The corruption of the Roman empire was expected, and the church of the day played along so they could keep their “hold” on their positions.

Jesus came and didn’t really play well with the kids who occupied the power positions.  He knew those who were in hybris positions of leadership were temporal, and shared about a Kingdom that was eternal.  Those who were hurting and living in fear, found hope and life.  He didn’t need to constantly berrate those who occupied the temporal leadership positions, in fact, He said to render unto Ceasar that which belonged to the earthly government.

Many who chose to follow Jesus in that day, were persecuted and imprisoned.  They sacrificed their lives sharing about the Kingdom of God, not spending hours forwarding e-mails that spoke against the ceasar.  The rally for the early believers was sharing the truth of the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

I am excited about this day – as the “preparation call” is more relevant than ever.  It’s time for those who await the return of the King to come out and tend the fields.  The government is not where I place my trust, and liberal government is certainly not my salvation.  My Peace, Hope, and Eternal destiny is secure through the shed blood of the Messiah, Yeshua.  He is my Rock, and my Salvation.