Preparation I have often shared in this blog, that I have felt a “call” to prepare for many years. I have also discussed (recently) the need to intensify preparation. World concerns have been moving us toward an “event” at a much more rapid pace – and many people are beginning to get more nervous and certainly afraid.

My intent, is not to scare – but to impress upon folks the need to prepare. I realize the “get prepared” message is a bit ambiguous, and certainly there are people and groups out there that are pressing extreme views and radical ideas. Some are purposefully preying on the fears of individuals. The preparation call I have felt for over 10 years, is not about having fear – rather, it’s about being able to stay calm and deal effectively during the coming crisis.

We have developed a society of convenience and comforts. We get up-to-the minute news by clicking a mouse and have been conditioned to expect information in 30 second soundbites. We keep up with friends and celebrities and often base our relationships with people by reading a two-sentence post on twitter. In so many ways, we have become shallow and overly self-pleasured.

Take away our current comforts and self-consuming pleasures, and many people will struggle to adjust. Add an economic meltdown, world food-shortage, 25% unemployment, war, and martial law – and you can pretty well count on widespread chaos.

I believe we are headed for a major worldwide event. Everywhere I go, I speak with people who are sensing “something” coming. There is a foreboding impression on the minds of many, that our world is getting ready to drastically change. For me, preparation means getting ready as best I can spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Preparation begins by first looking to Father God for guidance, comfort and wisdom. When my kids were young, they would run to daddy to protect them when they were scared of something. We need to do the same. Our Abba is calling us to rely on Him, and we need to spend time drawing closer to Him now. That should be our first step in really beginning to prepare.

Preparation is not fear. I know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me, so I do not need to be afraid. Then why prepare? I’ve struggled some with this question, and have come to the conclusion that… there will be many who do not have the peace of God. Their lives will be in turmoil, chaos, and fear. There will obviously be a great opportunity to share the love and saving message of Christ (Yeshua). In Him, there is the peace that passes all understanding. In Him, there is the ultimate eternal preparation.