Preparation for world war 3WARNING!

I believe a World War is fast approaching and it is becoming increasingly essential that we are getting prepared.

Before I share some thoughts, let me start by saying that I post this with a very heavy heart. I struggle that many people may find the comments I will share to be disturbing or painful. Certainly, it is not my intent to discourage anyone or bring fear. On the contrary, I know we have a Redeemer – and in Him we have Life Everlasting. The purpose of this writing (and the blog in its entirety) is to hopefully provoke actions in preparation.

As I begin sharing a few things, I encourage the reader to pray.  Draw close to God and ask Him to carefully prepare you and open your heart to what He wishes to change and establish in you.  Ask Him to give you wisdom and discernment.

The things I share here are only my opinions – based on what I believe God has laid on my heart.  I suspect that many of my comments will be viewed as controversial and perhaps even a bit alarmist. I am fine with that, as I am only sharing what I believe I am supposed to share.

Years ago, I received a “Preparation Call”.  I am not a theologian and in Sunday School had never heard of a “Preparation calling” being something that was available or desired.  So, my preparation call was somewhat bizarre.  In fact, the calling came at a time when things were very prosperous in America – and long before anyone even heard of terrorism.  Our economy was robust, and outlook was encouraging.   To get a preparation call during that time was just weird.  But… I just felt that God laid on my heart to begin getting prepared, and be ready to help others get prepared.  So whatever that meant, I have since tried to live in full surrender to it.

Now… wherever you go, it seems that more-and-more people are getting prepared.  People “feel” something is coming, and they are trying to find answers on how to prepare.  Unfortunately, there are people who are now using this new heightened sense of concern to spread fear and worry.  Some are even using fear to profit.   They call themselves “modern day prophets”, when in fact they are only after modern day profits.  God will bring them to task.

So, back to the point of this post.  Again, let me emphasize that I firmly believe a World War is coming, and it is vitally important that we are preparing ourselves and our families.  I believe it will be quite an intense time for everyone.  For those who have ignored the call to prepare, it could get frightening.

There are many, many people out there who believe a battle in the Middle East is brewing.  I not only think it is brewing, I believe it is imminent.  The Bible alerts us of the importance of this are in the final days, and it is becoming more obvious by the moment that we are seeing the stage being prepared for war.

I do not see myself as an expert in diplomatic affairs, but I can certainly recognize a pattern of preparation.  It’s not hard for me to see that Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Libya, and Iran, are right in the thick of some coming chaos.  In fact, my personal belief is that we will see some major conflict within the next few weeks.  I think it will be the prelude to a major World War.

Right now, Israel is surrounded by enemies.  Egypt was once at peace with Israel.  That has changed, and will rapidly become an area of difficult conflict.  Turkey, will become a major adversary to Israel in the coming weeks – as the Country begins to position itself for it’s ultimate final role.   Armies will travel through Turkey in the final battle.

Right now, the world is preparing for war.  The reality is, empires are falling and people are on edge as economies are in collapse.  I believe the difficulties are the catalyst that will plunge us into global conflict.

As I look at patterns, it is interesting that much of what we see happening now economically, also occurred before the last world war.  The great depression saw the birth of World War2.  It is also interesting to me that that many of the same government solutions to the economic difficulties in the US, were attempted during the depression.  I am not a historian, nor am I an economist, but it seems pretty obvious to me where all of this is heading.

Our Government leaders have called for improvement of our infrastructure as a way of stimulating the economy.  There is a push for funding to get people off of unemployment to help build roads, schools, bridges and airports.  Franklin D. Roosevelt also tried public works, farm subsidies, and other steps to restart the economy.  It did improve some on the economy, but it never quite brought the economy out of the recession.   Preparing and contributing to the war effort of World War 2, helped fuel the economy.

Today, we are in that same scenario.  The West is in decline.  Resources are limited, and empires are dying.  I believe most leaders believe that economies need a distraction and a boost.  Building roads will provide a slight spark, but likely not the spark that will ignite growth.

I believe world leaders are ready to push us to war in order to spark change.  The sinful nature of man must control and cause destruction.  Whether we like it or not, we are heading to war.

I believe the Messiah is on the brink of return.  I pray that the readers of this will be prepared for the return of the Prince of Peace.  He offers Life, and Life more abundantly.