Preparation is now taking on a new and vital importance. For those doubters who have scoffed at the need or call for preparation, I hope you will soon arise from your sleep.

Preparation for world war 3Many people never thought that the world and domestic events would push things to the point of where we now find ourselves.  It is an amazing time to be alive!  Prepare to meet thy God!

World events are changing very quickly with daily reports of wars and upheaval all over the globe.  Everything is becoming more intense and will continue to intensify as we draw ever closer to the end of the age.

As I look over the events of the day, there are some amazing things that are happening – yet, most people do not seem to take notice (or perhaps prefer to ignore them).

Economies all over the world are failing (especially in the West) and people are taking to the streets in protest.  Countries are selling their assets just to stay afloat and perhaps survive a few more months.  Are we so ignorant to believe that a few changes will suddenly and effectively change the ultimate outcome?  I am not an economist, but I just believe it is folly to assume we can continue “economy kiting” with more bailouts.

The more I see that is happening, the more I am convinced that people must expedite preparations.  The world economy is in peril, and many leaders believe the best way to stimulate the economy is for war to emerge.  When you look at the events all over the globe, it’s not a stretch to see that the US and other Countries are positioning and preparing for war.

Within the next six months it will likely not shock many people to see the US expanding operations and engaged in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, or Pakistan.  In addition, it seems highly likely that Israel will be pressed on its borders, with significant new rocket terror from all fronts.

The point is… we will see increasing wars and rumors of wars.  As we move into an election year in the US, it is very likely that a “war distraction” is on the horizon.  With the prospect of economic collapse all over the world, the rush to war will increase.  The landscape is being carefully prepared for the final conflict and, of course, the return of the Messiah.  What a wonderful time is ahead for those who are prepared.

We make no predictions of when the Messiah may appear in the Eastern sky, but we do know it is very soon.  To all… Prepare to meet thy God!