To keep me on track with my own preparations, I keep an updated list of my own activities and needs.  It certainly helps me stay focused.

These are in no particular priority order, and this is not a complete list:

  • Have started a vintage and heirloom seed (and seed potatoes) bank.  Vegetables and flowers.
  • Stocking URI products (dehydrated whole-food powder) for nutritional needs (has a 2 year shelf life)
  • Currently ordering food items (ie. grains, canned goods, beans, etc) for long-term storage.
  • Ordering food storage containers (food grade) for grains and dried food.
  • Looking to install alternative energy source – (ie. solar power)
  • I will continue working hard on my job, and trim expenses as much as possible to strengthen my financial position.
  • IMPORTANT… Establishing an online income training system to help others transition to having the ability to earn income, without traveling.  Helps tap into other economies all over the world.
  • Stocking and upgrading hunting supplies (ammo, backpack, etc.)
  • Stocking wood for heating/cooking.  I am not concerned we will lose electricity, but am sensitive that we will need to conserve economic resources during a difficult economy.
  • Establishing a supply of batteries (including rechargeable) and flashlights
  • Searching for dehydrator and water purifier
  • Installing wood heater in office and looking at installing a hand pump for well
  • Preparing climate controlled storage for food/seeds
  • looking at livestock options
  • Working on developing barter system
  • Having cash on hand
  • Looking to establish home meeting group to locally connect with people who are preparing.
  • Maintain my blogsite to share my views on what is going on and where I believe things are headed.  The site will be primarily information and content based – and will help with connecting and networking with others.  By networking with like-minded people, I believe it will help in finding additional resources for supplies/information.  It will also be an opportunity to encourage others and share Christ.